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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection suitable for sexual activity. Although this condition affects men of all ages, it tends to become more common with age. Various aspects can contribute to the development of ED, including early onset of diabetes, high blood pressure and stress. In addition, lifestyle choices like smoking, an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise can ultimately result in erection problems.

Occasional erection trouble is not uncommon and is generally not a cause for concern. However, if erection problems occur on a continual basis, it can cause distress and low self-esteem. Furthermore, ED often causes men to avoid sexual situations so this condition can cause relationship problems. In fact, many therapists believe that ED is also a problem for the female partner in a relationship, not only the man. The good news is that there are medications that have been proven in clinical studies to be effective in the treatment of ED. Furthermore, it can be connected to an underlying medical condition so it is best to get persistent ED problems checked out.

Treatment at Numan ED erectile dysfunction treatments include sildenafil 100 mg, tadalafil 20 mg and Tadalafil Daily (daily use tablets contain a lower tadalafil dosage of only 5 mg). Although these medications belong to the same PDE5 inhibitor class, they have slightly different pharmacological properties. This gives you the option to choose the most suitable medication for your particular circumstance.

For example, sildenafil may be a more suitable treatment option if you plan to have sex from time to time rather than regularly. A tablet can be taken as needed so you do not need to take a tablet every day. It is also a good choice for beginning ED treatment, as it gives patients and healthcare professionals a chance to start on a low dosage. This can help monitor any adverse effects that may happen during treatment, and the dosage can be increased or decreased if necessary.

On the other hand, tadalafil may be a more appropriate treatment option if you would like engage in sexual activity at a more natural time. With this ED treatment, there is a reduced need to worry about timing when to take a dose as it stays effective in the body for up to 36 hours. Therefore, you can take a dose on Friday and the effects of this treatment will still be active on Sunday. Tadalafil Daily involves taking a low dose of this medication each day and this keeps tadalafil levels constant, providing a continuous treatment for ED.

Do Numan ED Pills Work?

Yes, erectile dysfunction pills restore erectile function by inhibiting an enzyme in the body called phosphodiesterase type 5, or PDE5. This enzyme is found in high concentrations in the blood vessel walls of the penis and it degrades another important molecule called cyclic guanosine monophosphate, or cGMP. This molecule facilitates penile erections by opening blood vessels and increasing the movement of blood to the penis.

Inside the penis, there are two spongy rods of erectile tissue called the corpora cavernosa. These rods span the length of the penis and when an erection happens, this erectile tissue becomes engorged with blood, giving the penis rigidity. If there are any irregularities with blood vessels, penile blood flow may be reduced, resulting in ED. By inhibiting PDE5, erectile dysfunction ED pills allow cGMP levels to remain abundant. As a result, blood vessels dilate and erections become firm and sustainable.

Prices at Numan ED

Prices for erectile dysfunction treatments are unfortunately not as cost-effective as hoped for. Sildenafil can start from £3.13 per 50 mg tablet. This is the generic version of Viagra, but half the standard required dosage that is a 100 mg tablet or medication dose. There are online pharmacies that sell the same treatment, namely approved generic sildenafil at £0.50 per 100 mg tablet. This shows a striking contrast, which is why pricing is the one major down fall of this website.

The price of Tadalafil Daily and tadalafil tablets also show a similar comparison. This is why more and more patients are looking for platforms that not only sell FDA approved ED and related medications, but also do so affordably. Fortunately, there are plenty of good options available to the discerning buyer.

This is where platforms like Kamagra4U come in, where the aim of the online pharmaceutical giant is to focus on access and affordability as equal priorities in the UK and EU regions they serve.

How Long Numan ED Pills Last

Like all medications, erectile dysfunction ED pills have a certain half-life that determines how long they stay effective in the body. The following table contains the half-life of each medication and the relevant durational efficacy:

Medication Half-life Description
Sildenafil citrate (Viagra) 3-5 hours On average, men start feeling the beneficial effects of sildenafil citrate within 30 minutes of taking a tablet. This medication generally stays effective for about 4 hours, with the strongest effect happening between 30 minutes and 2 hours. After about 24 hours, most of the medication will be removed from the body.
Tadalafil (Cialis) 17.5 hours Most men feel the effects of tadalafil within 30 minutes of taking a dose. This ED treatment has the longest durational efficacy of all the PDE5 inhibitors. It lasts for about 36 hours and its absorption is generally not affected by food, so it can be taken with or without food. Almost all the medication is completely eliminated from the body after 96 hours. Erectile Dysfunction Pill Benefits erectile dysfunction pills are easy to use and discreet. Before these medications were released to the market, treatment for ED was limited to physical interventions penile injections, vacuum erection devices and surgery. These treatments tend to be intrusive, and appliances like the vacuum erection device are often inconvenient and cumbersome to use. The discovery of PDE5 inhibitors provided a safe and effective, oral treatment for ED that can be taken as needed.

Men with erection difficulties who use these medications often say treatment has successfully restored their sexual confidence and overall well-being. In clinical research, these medications have been shown to effectively treat mild to severe levels of ED due to both physical and psychological reasons. These medications significantly improve a man’s ability to get and keep an erection during sexual activity and this often has a positive effect on interpersonal relationships. Erectile Dysfunction Pill Risks

Most often, treatments for ED are safe and effective to use. However, there are precautions and potential side effects that patients should be aware of. There are certain medications that interact with ED pills. In particular, medications called nitrates which are used to treat conditions like angina can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure if they are taken with ED medication.

Also, riociguat should not be taken in combination with ED pills as the hypotensive effects of riociguat may be increased. When you order medication to treat ED, you should be aware of underlying health issues that may contraindicate the use of these medications. These conditions include:

  • a hypersensitive reaction to ED treatments in the past
  • a recent heart attack or stroke
  • low or high blood pressure that is not controlled by medicine
  • a rare eye condition known as retinitis pigmentosa

The most prevalent side effect of ED pills is headache. This adverse effect affects up to 1 in 10 people and can be prevented by keeping well hydrated, or treated with a standard painkiller like paracetamol. The next most common adverse effects include indigestion, nasal congestion, facial flushing and dizziness. These side effects are generally mild and transient.

Numan ED Reviewed by UK Customers

An internet search for erectile dysfunction treatments will reveal that reviews are positive with the exception of prices being high. This means that user reviews suggest that the medication is effective, however they would prefer lower or more affordable pricing.

Despite the drawback on pricing, the reviews are helpful as they confirm the efficacy of the range of ED and related medications, the good safety profiles and so forth - information that is welcome by patients. Erectile Dysfunction Alternatives

Oftentimes, men with ED find that counselling is a useful way of treating ED, particularly if erection difficulties are due to psychological causes. Factors like anxiety, relationship difficulties and unresolved issues can all be addressed with the help of an expert. On the other hand, if ED is the result of physical causes, many patients are able to improve their symptoms by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. The following healthy lifestyle choices are generally recommended:

  • Exercise - in clinical studies, men who exercise on a regular basis have been found to be at a lower risk of developing erection difficulties. Exercise has a positive effect on blood flow throughout the body, including the penis.
  • A healthy diet - a heart-healthy diet like the Mediterranean diet is also good for the circulatory system.
  • Quit smoking - cigarette smoking can damage blood vessels, resulting in reduced blood flow to the penis. It can also decrease nitric oxide which is an important molecule that is needed for healthy erectile function.

Our Conclusion of erectile dysfunction treatments are safe and effective, but unfortunately overpriced for a large proportion of patients. The medications are nonetheless licensed and approved for the treatment of ED and patients can order medications conveniently online.

There are also other treatments for ED (other than those discussed above) and these can be ordered online from selected online pharmacies at very affordable prices - often 80% cheaper than prices at Numan or similar platforms.

For instance, this includes Kamagra, which is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma. You can view the Kamagra product range at a reputable market leader website like This secure platform sells the same medications at, however they actively grow they product catalogue.

They are recognised for quality products and very low pricing, as they deal in large volumes and have exclusive agreements with main manufacturers. The ordering process is straightforward and items are normally dispatched within 24-hours.

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Desmond Walker – Jul 09, 2021
Having tried this medication I can vouch for its authenticity. It is incredible expensive though and you are right to draw attention to generic forms of the medication. Just as effective and a fraction of the price. Des Walker

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